The BMW iX3 Arriving Later this Year!

February 29th, 2020 by

BMW is continuing its exploration into electric vehicles, but instead of releasing unique hybrids like the i8 or something unconventional like the i3, the newest electric vehicle from BMW is something shoppers should be much more familiar with: The BMW X3 meets electric, becoming the iX3.

Although the conventional BMW X3 continues to still be available, a new version of the X3 will also be available in full electric, will be known as the iX3, and releases later this year! But although from a glance you may think it’s just an X3 that had the engine swapped for batteries, you’d be mistaken: Radical changes prevail throughout this vehicle that ensure every drivers knows your vehicle is unique, while maintaining the standard X3 style.

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One of the first major changes that should be noted on the iX3 are the electric available only wheels, the BMW Aerodynamic Wheels. Built with additional aerodynamic and reduced weight, these are iX3 only options. 5% lighter and 15% more aerodynamic than other BMW wheels, the BMW Aero Wheels also feature extensive customization using their new ‘individually designed inserts.’ Different patterns, polishes, and sheens are applicable to the inserts in addition to coming in different shapes and forms like a conventional wheel.

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Other design changes to the exterior include an altered kidney grille, taking the BMW signature style and refining it for improved aerodynamics, as well as covered trim located where the exhaust ports normally are. Meanwhile the charging port has been moved to the front of the vehicle, as is standard on hybrid vehicles.

Current range puts the BMW iX3 at 273 miles per charge, and expected power level of 286 horsepower. Don’t expect any interior differences from the current model though, with production planned at the current X3 facility. Do expect the iX3 to arrive later this year at BMW of Wichita, and make sure to come test it out then!

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