Reveal of the X3 and X4 M!

February 28th, 2019 by

For years, the M competition variants for BMW have been retained to the sedans and higher tier BMW crossovers; specifically the X5 M and X6 M. Yet, just earlier this month, BMW has announced their latest creations, the X3 and X4 M! Expected to release later this year, BMW will continue their production stateside at their production facilities in Spartanburg, South Carolina along with the standard versions of the X3 and X4.

So why should you be excited about these M variants? Well, take it straight from Lars Beulke, the BMW M product manager: “The decision to produce the X3M and X4M was logical. We know how to do a fast and sporting SUV. Our philosophy from the start was to deliver an M3 and M4 driving experience, but with the added assurance of four-wheel drive and a slightly higher seating position.” The M3 and M4, as any BMW fanatic (or just general sport enthusiast) will tell you, are impeccable driving machines, with unmatched handling and power, especially for their classes.

Two, or rather four, to tango with adversaries in hot new segment Pic: SUPPLIED

Taking that philosophy and capability, the X3 and X4 M Competition variants include a twin turbocharged 6-cylinder engine that produces 510 horsepower; more than enough to push these SUVs from 0-60 in 4.1 seconds, which is faster than a standard equipped M4 that also weighs 1,003 lbs. less! Beyond the engine though, there are significant improvements to the front struts and multi-link rear suspensions, as well as larger brakes, to compensate for the increases power and handling required.

Being as performances begets appearance, BMW has made a few alterations to the front of the vehicle, with some variant packaging also available. A front-bumper heavily redesigned with larger cooling ducts and honeycomb grille instantly grabs attention from the front, with prominent sills and M-Sport wing mirrors to the side, and finally at the rear, a more robust spoiler element on the top of the tailgate and new rear bumper encasing four tailpipes.

The interior hasn’t seen as many changes, with the signature joystick shifter and BMW infotainment system built throughout the center console. However, it should be noted that many of these items receive M styling, such as the now prominently red start button and red paddle shifters attached the steering wheel. Also, the chairs have received M stitching and styling for the more agile vehicles.

A fine balance is struck between the air luxury and sports in the cabins. Pic: SUPPLIED

We’re just as excited for these vehicles to release as you, so make sure to keep an eye out at BMW of Wichita, or full us @BMWofWichita on Facebook to make sure you hear when these ferocious M crossovers arrive!

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