Fantastic Features on the BMW X7, Available Now!

March 29th, 2019 by

The all-new 2019 BMW X7 has arrived with a look, feel, and style inspired by the X5, but brought to another level and size. As the first full-size crossover from BMW, it’s here to make a lasting impression, which includes some amazing features that take the X7 up a notch as well. From off-road engineering to driving comforts, check out a few of the newest features available on the 2019 X7, now at BMW of Wichita!

From a utility standpoint, one of the newest features may not be as innovative as the rest, but make up for it in usefulness; the newly developed split tailgate. Electronically locking split tailgates ensure that the expanded cargo space in the rear can hold everything from groceries to camping gear, while also allowing access that can keep any items from spilling out when heavily loaded. Combine that with quick access to the BMW air suspension through a rear-mounted button, and the X7 can lower itself to assist with loading heavier items or just for those folks who may struggle to reach the highly mounted vehicle rear cargo.

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Yet, for creature comforts, the BMW team has gone back to the basics of extended driving, and revamped their cup holders. Not only has the appearance of the cup holders been revamped with cleaner looking plastic and simplistic but stylish LEDs, but so has the quality; able to better support cups, bottles, and anything else slotted in, the engineering has definitely improved compared to other models. Add in the support of the new heated and cooled systems, which for example go beyond keeping something cool and instead can actually chill warm water bottles. This means for the X7, long drives will never see lukewarm water or coffee ever again.

Finally, one of my favorite additions to the X7 is the introduction of the digital display key fob (also available on the 7-Series), as well as the option of using your phone as a key. The digital display key fob can showcase everything from door locks and alarms to fuel range and upcoming services. You can even precondition the car to ensure it’s at a comfortable temperature when you get in, and even remotely park the vehicle if you’re trying to get in or out of a tight space. However, if you install the BMW Connect app on any Samsung (sorry Apple) Galaxy that is NFC-capable, then you can just leave the key at home and use your phone. Just make sure to keep it charged.

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Even more amazing features are available on BMW’s first full-size crossover, the X7, so make sure to stop by BMW of Wichita and have one of our sales team members show you everything you want to know about this fantastic new vehicle!

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