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One of BMW’s signature vehicles, the 3-Series has been a part of the BMW lineup for quite some time; May of 1975 to be exact. After six generations of 3-Series, many have formed their own opinions on this series, but the seventh generation of 3-Series is ready to change all those opinions for the better. Expected to release mid-2019, the model has seen revisions to the body, suspension, engine, interior, and more. Essentially, the whole vehicle has been redesigned for the ground up to ensure the highest quality possible.

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One of the quintessential pieces of the driving experience is the stiffness and balance of the vehicle; people who love the feel of being in full control of their vehicle, able to master the agility of their vehicle, look for that sporty feeling in any car. BMW has captured that in their new 3-Series, with a 50:50 weight distribution across the vehicle while boasting 120 lbs. less weight than the previous version, and 25-percent more torsional rigidity. What this boils down to is the vehicle feeling tighter, more nimble, and quicker to respond to the driver. Yet, with all these improvements in the performance, BMW still managed to increase the size of the vehicle, with an added 2.9 inches length, ½ inch width, and ½ inch height. All this space seems to have gone towards the cabin and trunk, ensuring performance aspirants and daily drivers alike can find enjoyment in the new 3-Series.

Style-wise, the signature kidney grilles still define the vehicle upfront, while the overall curvature of the 3-Series still mimics the lines BMW is known for. But looking closer, the headlamps are noticeably more sleek and styled, with LEDs bringing about a more aggressive style. Towards the rear of the vehicle, the taillights are modernized, with lower overall height compared to the length, creating a sleeker, aerodynamic feel to the vehicle. Interiors will still feel comfortable to your BMW driver, with the standout 10.2-inch infotainment display area resting above the climate control. Steering wheels and gauge clusters all match previous BMW designs as well (why fix what not’s broken?)

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The 2019 3-Series promises to breathe new life into a vehicle that I’m excited to see hold true to the BMW testament, the Ultimate Driving Machine. With improved agility and handling, more spacious interior, more than enough horsepower at 382 (in the M340i version), and the comforts expected of a BMW, the 3-Series should prove to be quite the car. And packaged all-together at a starting price of about $45,000, I have high hopes for a fantastic vehicle here mid-2019 at BMW of Wichita.

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