2020 4-Series Rumors

April 30th, 2019 by

The BMW 4-Series has been running the course in its current model variation since 2014, and it’s about time for a refresh; BMW definitely knows this, and already has a spectacular looking prototype testing across Europe. Or at least, as spectacular as a camouflaged 4-Series with a soft-top can look.

We don’t have much in the way of information here at BMW of Wichita, but doing some quick research across a few enthusiast websites such as Motor1.com and Carbuzz.com, we’re able to get a good idea of what the 4-Series future holds. One of the most noticeable factors though that BMW is working towards is separating the identity of the 4-Series BMW from the 3-Series. A huge factor in this is the trapezoid exhaust outlets, typically used on the larger coupes such as the 6 or 8-Series. Meanwhile, a thinner and wider grille, mimicking the Z4 grille (just released and available now at BMW of Wichita) ensures no one will mistake the front of the 4-Series for the 3.

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I also mentioned this earlier, but it should be noted again; the 4-Series prototype has been testing across Europe with a soft-top convertible roof. This is actually fairly astounding, as luxury convertibles including BMW have lately come to utilize the hard-top convertible. Yet, hard-top convertibles increase the overall weight of the vehicles immensely, and make the vehicles harder to balance properly, and therefore harder to handle. By moving back towards the soft-top, BMW is assuring it’s consumers that the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ will truly stay that way.

We’re unsure what the interior redesign will look like yet, except that BMW’s interior design chief Brunco Amatino has stated the new 4-Series will look radically different than the next-gen 3-Series. However, we do have one extra piece to leave you with; the team over at Kolesa.ru created an incredible render of the hardtop 4-Series based off the spy shots, and it looks stunning. However, if you’re feeling a little impatient and are looking to hop into a 4-Series now, check out our amazing lineup at BMW of Wichita, or click the link!

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