Meet Walser

Get our upfront price

Work with one person

We give back to the community

Upfront Pricing

Our best price right up front. No negotiation required.

We clearly display selling price on every car to make your experience fast, fair, and negotiation free. We have a team dedicated to researching the current market, color, age, and availability of each vehicle to ensure that price is competitive.

Work With One Person

A simplified process for a better experience.

You won't get passed off after you say "yes". Our Customer Specialists will assist you from vehicle selection through financing and delivery which makes more efficient use of your time.

Giving Back

We want to be part of building a stronger community.

5% of all pre-tax earnings are donated to local programs through the Walser Foundation. The Walser Foundation provides grants to organizations that strengthen communities through support of families, education and human services.